Natasha Hassan is a freelance designer and creative based in Singapore. She specializes in illustration and conceptual art.

She occupies herself with a lot of freelance projects, Letterboxd ratings, and her newfound hobby, bouldering.

Sometimes goes by her pseudonym, Poogazi. (I like the band, Fugazi)

For any work and project opportunities: Email, InstagramLinkedIn.

Featured Work /

Processing Series 

Experimentation, Multi-Media

These are series of marble paintings that were manipulated in a flexible program sketchbook called Processing.

The method itself is called databending – a process of distorting a media file (any format) using a software programme which would result in many interesting, unpredictable outcomes.


Featured Work /

Sex Zine: Nasi Kang Kang

Illustration, Comics

Year: 2020


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Sex Zine invited Archipelagirl to illustrate a response to the theme of SEX. With a comical twist on Malay folklore, Archipelagirl tackles the everyday gripes of modern dating and relationships.

Nasi Kang Kang – which directly translates to “squat rice” – is a love potion created by bomohs (a.k.a. Malay witch doctors). Wives typically use it to ensure obedience and loyalty by their husbands.

The potion requires an individual to squat over a bowl of cooked rice and let their sweat and (vaginal) fluids drip down into the rice. The now-potent brew is given to the unsuspecting victim for consumption, as the brewer waits patiently for positive results.

Think Midsommar.

Written by Delfina Utomo
IllustratION By Natasha Hassan

Featured Work /

Singapore Community Radio 

Client: Singapore Community Radio (SGCR)

Branding Identity, Art Direction, Web Design

Commissioned to do a 360 design and digital overhaul for SGCR which centres around adaptability, flexibility and sustainability. This revamp includes a series of illustrative programme title arts, simplified logo identity, adaptable social media visuals, and intuitive web design.

“Singapore Community Radio (SGCR) has announced its return with new, revamped content and programming.

... with content airing weekly from Tuesdays to Saturdays. The new direction for SGCR is targeted at elevating the “diverse Singaporean voices on a shared platform”” –

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