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Sex Zine: Nasi Kang Kang

Illustration, Comics

Year: 2020


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Sex Zine invited Archipelagirl to illustrate a response to the theme of SEX. With a comical twist on Malay folklore, Archipelagirl tackles the everyday gripes of modern dating and relationships.

Nasi Kang Kang – which directly translates to “squat rice” – is a love potion created by bomohs (a.k.a. Malay witch doctors). Wives typically use it to ensure obedience and loyalty by their husbands.

The potion requires an individual to squat over a bowl of cooked rice and let their sweat and (vaginal) fluids drip down into the rice. The now-potent brew is given to the unsuspecting victim for consumption, as the brewer waits patiently for positive results.

Think Midsommar.

Written by Delfina Utomo
IllustratION By Natasha Hassan