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Sing Lit: #StayHome 

Client: Sing Lit Station
Illustration, Year: 2020

Commissioned to create an original content inspired by a Sing Lit title as part of the #StayHomeStayLit2020 campaign.


“The Inlet by Claire Tham is a crime novel that follows the life of Ling, an introspective lab technician who comes from a humble background yearning for freedom, independence and a better life for herself out of poverty in China. Her life soon took an unexpected turn when someone offered her a job in Singapore as a KTV hostess - followed by an unfortunate demise. The story is actually loosely based on a true story that was reported in the papers in 2010. ⁣
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⁣Recently I’ve just come off a binge of David Lynch’s and Mark Foster’s “Twin Peaks”. I can’t help, but find similarities between both worlds – with Ling and Laura Palmer. The novel starts off with a glimpse of Ling’s pre-migration life. 
This retrospection is a reminder that despite how her life ended, her life was valued and had meaning. Sometimes in life, there are many paths we can take – with consequences of course. I think it was important to have that aspect illustrated in the artwork. ⁣
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⁣I also appreciate Claire’s attempt to address the disparities between the different racial and class groups – another factor I wanted to depict. She doesn’t shy away from this and confronts it head on which is why I chose these bright, ’shocking’ colours instead of something more morose.⁣”